Las Vegas Cataract Surgery

Las Vegas Cataract Surgery

Did you know that cataract surgery is covered by your insurance when you have functional impairment (trouble reading fine print, driving in the bright sunlight or at night, performing your daily activities) and meet defined criteria (diminished visual acuity)?   Were you asked to pay thousands of dollars above and beyond the base price of surgery?  At our center, our chief surgeon, Dr. David Malitz, has advanced training and extensive experience in state of the art cataract surgery.   In fact his technique generally takes less than ten minutes and requires no laser exposure to your eye!  We offer Las Vegas and the surrounding community as well as our medical tourists topical anesthesia (just drops to numb the eye), with

  • no stitches,
  • no needles,
  • no patches
  • multifocal implants for vision correction at near and far
  • astigmatism correction with toric implants and limbal relaxing incisions
  • laser cataract surgery options

Our surgery is generally brief and painless and can be done with as little or as much sedation as is suitable for each patient.  In fact if your are especially anxious, the surgery can even be done under general anesthesia.

We accept almost all insurance plans including Culinary, Medicare, Anthem, Medicaid and most commercial insurance plans.  We also offer special rates for under-insured or un-insured patients and have favorable financing programs available.  We have bilingual staff and cooperate with your regular eye doctor.

We pride ourselves on providing advanced techniques to reduce or even eliminate your need for glasses or contact lenses.  In fact we build your prescription from your glasses right into your eye!  The procedure offers a permanent solution and allows for rapid recovery often with no restrictions in your activity after surgery.

We have our own surgery center, Red Rock Surgery Center, with an expertise in eye surgery with over 10,000 successful eye surgeries! Call for an appointment 702-368-2010.

Ask for Dr. Malitz.

David Malitz, MD