Cataract Checklist

Cataract Patient Checklist

  • ?  My vision is no longer suitable despite glasses or contact lenses for my daily activities.

  • ?  I have independently researched the Cataract procedure (at the library or used the internet, or with my medical doctor) to learn about the procedure and to be adequately informed with respect to the risks, alternatives, benefits and potential complications and have formulated questions for my surgeon or his staff.

  • ?  I have considered if I would like to combine cataract surgery with vision correction surgery and if this is a good option for my lifestyle and budget.

  • ?  I have selected a qualified surgeon who is a board certified ophthalmologist who has performed at least 1000 procedures.

  • ?  I have selected a Cataract practice that suits me and my needs and has provided me with the support I need to make an informed decision such as:

    ? Providing me with patient references.
    ? Giving me informational materials to read and understand. 

    ? Answering all of my questions.

  • ?  My choice of a Cataract practice or surgeon is determined by my confidence in his skills and qualifications not by the price of my procedure.

  • ?  I know I am a good candidate for Cataract Surgery because I have:

    • ?  Shared my complete health history with my surgeon/practice, including a list of my medications and any medical conditions.

    • ?  Undergone a thorough (upwards of 2-3 hours) evaluation of my vision and eye health that confirmed my candidacy for Cataract Surgery.

    • ?  Shared any concerns or questions I have about the procedure and discussed the risks and benefits of the surgery.

    • ?  Discussed my expectations of the surgery, the post-operative healing process and the outcome with my surgeon.

    • ?  Discussed any real or potential factors that may impact the outcome of my procedure.

    • ?  Thoroughly reviewed the materials provided to me by my surgeon/practice to help me make an informed decision. 

      ?  Thoroughly reviewed the options including laser assisted and traditional manual small incision ultrasound assisted methods.

      ?  The doctor I selected uses FDA approved technology and provides the most advanced no stitch, no patch, no needle rapid recovery option.

      ?  The post operative care including drops and appointments are a routine that I can and will adhere to.