A scan ultrasound

If you are considering cataract surgery and considering the possibility of reducing or eliminating your need for glasses for the rest of your life, you may consider picking a surgeon that understands the IOL Master, Corneal Topographer, Astigmatism, Refractive Surgery, and Ultrasound.

Yes, cataract surgery is only a 10 minute surgery but even the most skilled surgeon needs to plan for the surgery.  As it is said in carpentry, measure twice and cut once.  This cannot be more true in any other field than ophthalmology, for the outcome of surgery is highly dependent on the measurements that are taken BEFORE surgery.  If you are looking the wrong direction, if the machine is not calibrated, if the wrong tool is used for the measurements if the measurements do no compute, you can plan on wearing glasses or contacts for your best possible vision afer surgery.  In fact, even if everything is done perfect, you still may have an issue becaure the formulas differ and are not perfect and do not work for every patient or every eye.  Here is an example of an A scan ultrasound measurement.  The probe needs to be perfectly alligned.  The pressure needs to be very light or better yet, an immersion method should be used.  This is all behind the scenes and just when you think all surgeons are created equal, think again.

We pride ourself on results that are among the best in the country.  These results are not an accident.