Best LASIK Doctor Las Vegas

So if you are considering vision correction, before you embark on the search for the best LASIK surgeon, you probably should find out if LASIK is the best procedure for you.   Many centers only do one procedure and will not discuss your options.  

For example, LASIK is rarely the best option.  We now prefer PRK.  PRK eliminates the complications associated with a LASIK flap.  

For patients over 45, or those with extreme prescriptions or farsightedness, considerations should be given to a clear lens exchange.  This procedure is off label but eliminates the chance of developing a cataract later in life.

Maybe an implantable contact lens (ICL) is best.  We are certified in this technology and have had exceptional results with the ICL.

Call the office for a FREE screening exam and to explore the best options for your budget and your personal best vision.