Strabismus Surgery

Strabismus is a condition where the eyes are not aligned.  they can be turned in/out up or down or a combination.   Strabismus (Squint) surgery is performed by isolating the muscle and moving the muscle or shortening the muscle.  This action will change the lever action of the muscle either strengthening or weakening it and generally results in cosmetically straight eyes.  Dr. Malitz has been performing strabismus surgery for 20 years and has excellent results.  Even in the best hands, given patient variability and variability in techniques, the eyes are straight only 75% of the time after one procedure. 

Dr. Malitz also performs the “adjustable technique” for strabismus surgery.  The sutures are tied in a temporary fashion and the patient is seen later that day in the office and the suture is loosened or tightened until the eyes are straight.  The sutures are then tied in permanent fashion.

A recent article in Ophthalmology suggested that an injection of local anesthetic with or without Botulinum toxin (Botox (R)) can have lasting improvement in some patients with strabismus with as many as half having cosmetically straight eyes as long as 3 years after the treatment.