Laser Vision Correction LASIK, PRK Procedures Fall 2012

    1. Your choice, LASIK or PRK $1/day/eye – Call to Schedule your free screening today 702-362-3900 or email

LASIK PRK CK C – Lex – Clear Lens Exchange**

C-Lex, AK, LRI, RK we have a vision correction procedure for virtually any patient

  1. We can often offer extended financing your Las Vegas LASIK procedure is only $1.00/day/eye!!**
  2. $1000 off CustomVue Visx LASIK**
  3. Just bought glasses or contacts? We will buy back your glasses or contacts with your paid LASIK at our center! (up to $500-inquire at your screening)
  4. Custom PRK vision correction starting at just $495 (limited treatment range (<-1.0D, no astigmatism, $995 for

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*certain procedures mentioned may or may not be “off-label”. Only a through discussion with your physician of the risks, benefits, alternatives or potential complications will determine if these procedures are in your best interest.

**when both eyes are treated

Offers may not be combined, offers may be withdrawn without advance notice.