Eye Screening Promotion

Eye Screening Promotion Las Vegas

for uninsured and underinsured patients. You may be aware that insurance companies negotiate deep discounts with doctors. Now we are offering deep discounts directly to you for an eye screening exam. A screening exam is not defined nor does it have any formal insurance company or regulatory requirements so we are detaining what you can expect below.
For only $39 we are offering visitors of our website and Google Visitors an eye care screening exam.

This is not valid with any insurance, third party payor (insurance, employer, governmental program)
This is limited to Cash, Check or Credit Card Payment only and may include

  • Comprehensive History
  • Chief complaint (your primary problem)
  • History of your problem
  • Past Medical and Ocular History
  • A list of your current medications
  • Documentation of your medical problems, Ocular History, surgical history
  • A Review of your medical systems

Eye Screening Exam which may include
Visual Acuity
Refraction (determine your glasses prescription)* for distance and near.
Pupillary Exam
Motility Exam
Visual Fields by confrontation
External Exam
Slit Lamp Exam which may include an assessment of
Lids, Lashes and Lacrimal System
Conjunctiva and Sclera
Tear film and Cornea layers
Anterior Chamber
Iris and Pupil
Lens (assessment for the presence of a cataract) and Vitreous
Intraocular Pressure

Dilated Eye Exam is not included and can be performed for an additional $39
Which will include an assesment
of the Optic Nerve
and peripheral Retina

*Contact Lens Prescription and fitting not included