Pterygium Surgery in Las Vegas

There is a good reason why we take care of a lot of patients with pterygia in Las Vegas.  The reason is all about results.  This is a complicated condition that is more common in Hispanics that have a large exposure to sun and wind.  The damage causes the white part of the eye to overgrow the clear cornea leading to a distortion, scarring and a loss of vision.  We don’t cut corners with our care. 

We don’t use medications designed for a single patient such as Tisseel glue from one patient to another and risk infections. 

A recent study published in Ophthalmology supports Dr. Malitz preference of Conjunctival Autografts in the treatment of recurrent pterygia over Mitomicin (MMC).  The long term recurrence rate over 10 years was only 7% with the graft vs. 26% with the use of MMC. 

Our primary focus is to do the surgery once and to do it right with the lowest chance that the growth will return.  When and if it does return, it is much worse than the initial growth. 

We have a bilingual staff and have our own surgery center that complies with rules and regulations and is certified by AAAHC and state licensed.  Many offices do the surgery in a back room of the office.  Although our fees may be a little more, the results speak for themselves!  We offer free screening exams for our no stitch, no needle technique for pterygium removal surgery.  Just call for an appointment  702-362-3900!