What does Cataract Surgery Cost

What does Cataract Surgery Cost  $4500-5500 complete*.

One of the more common questions is :What does Cataract Surgery Cost?  Unfortunately in medicine there is very little price transparency.  Some centers charge for all additional steps such as the use of a special laser to perform some steps of the procedure.  We don’t find that this additional expense is warranted but will offer it if requested by the patient for an additional fee.

There are several components to the cost of any surgery

1.  Physician Fee

  typically $700-3700 per eye 

2.  Anesthesiologist Fee

  from 0 (not used) to $800 

3.  Facility Fee (surgery center or hospital)

  from $1000-20,000 

4.  Medications

  from $30-400 

5. Lost time from work

  depends on the follow up schedule

We bundle the global fee at


     for components 1-3.  This includes a premium (multifocal or accommodating or astigmatism correcting implant). 

If you choose a standard lens the global fee for the physician, anesthesia, and facility is


*this is the cash discount per eye price.  With financing the price is slightly higher.David Malitz, MD