Cataract Pain

Patients often wonder is Catarct Surgery is Painful.   Although the vast majority of patients experience no pain, there is some discomfort associated with all surgery.  The primary sensation described by patients is a pressure sensation.  The surgery is generally done under topical anesthesia with an Anesthesiologist, Registered Nurse or Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist administrating intravenous sedation.   In patients that are extremely anxious with the concept of eye surgery and are not sure that they can stay still and follow directions (extreme anxiety, tremor, dementia, children) the surgery can easily be done under general anesthesia (with the patient asleep). 

Some patients experience pain with positioning (flat on the back) due to back or neck problems or anxiety with a difficulty breathing when flat.

Others experience pain with the spring that is used to hold the eye open.

Sometimes there is pain with the incision. 

Sometimes with the removal of the lens there is pain or pressure sensation and sometimes the removal of the speculum is uncomfortable.

Overall, most patients experience no pain the experience is non existent.