Technis Multifocal Implant for Cataract Surgery in Las Vegas

Intraocular lens implant options. There are basically three types of lenses.

  1. Standard (Monofocal) focus for only one distance (Distance, Intermediate or Near)
  2. Toric – correct for astigmatism
  3. Premium / Lifestyle – designed to focus for all three zones (Distance, Intermediate or Near)

There are several “Premium / Lifestyle” Lenses

Not every lens if ideal for every patient. The bottom line: if you have normal eyes (no macular degeneration, no previous corneal surgery (RK)) and can afford it and would like to be free of glasses or contact lenses, your best choice is the Restor or Technis Multifocal lens.  The Tecnis may be better in low light and slightly worse for intermediate (computer) vision.  The Crystalens if OK but unpredictable. Works best in hyperopic patients.

Only a through discussion of the risks, alternatives and benefits with an experienced surgeon, like Dr. Malitz or Singh will be able to help you choose the technology that is best for you.

We are here to help, just ask. Don’t let finances be a barrier. Financing is availablea and the most expensive option can be less than $2/day/eye. You will never get a second chance to make your decision. Removing and replacing the lens, while possible, is not recommended.