Crystalens IOL

Crystalens Accomodating Implant for Cataract Surgery in Las Vegas

It is really interesting that there are multiple options for implants and there are multiple doctors.  In the past, the Crystalens was the best option.  Currently it is the least predictable option.  After implanting about 1000 Crystalenses of virtually every generation and dealing with lens tilt, Z syndromes, lens capture, lenses implanted by other surgeons upside down, the conclusion is that when it works, it works.  When it does not, it does not.  The lack of predictability of this lens and the constant reinvention, revision of post op protocols, drops, instructions really means only one thing, the lens has some issues.  The concept is great, the inventor is a bright surgeon, the company that brought the product to market was great and the company that bought the product may have made a mistake but is never the less a good company. 

The key with this lens is lowering expectations, avoiding low to moderate myopes and being poised to accept monovision.

The nich for the Crystalens Accomodating Implant is for patients wanting premium technology that have macular degeneration or have had Radial Keratotomy in the past.